Formula 1 Propeller

The Promt Parts F1 Race Team are good, really good, having cleaned up the 2014 season taking out  NZ F1 Champion, NZ F1 Powerboat Tour “High Points” and the Acceleration Cup.

Getting the edge on the competition.

The Promt Parts F1 team approached Clone to 3d print an exact replica of there best performing propeller for diagnostic purposes, sounded pretty cool to me. The propeller was 3d scanned then modeled in CAD to create a file that would print to the exact specifications of the original prop. The idea behind all this, to test the concept, the next step is to 3d print in Titanium, to be able to reproduce there best performing propeller indefinitely out of a super strong and lightweight material and of coarse to exacting standards.

This thinking is undoubtedly what keeps the Promt Parts team out in front.