Romotow, the incredible transforming motorhome

An award winning design by the team at W2 Limited.  Clone was approached by one of the designers at W2 to 3d print a model, a marketing tool to create sales of the post production T7 Romotow.  The timeline was short,  six days. We worked with the team at W2 to help generate the 40 odd files or model pieces that would need to be printed to assemble the Romotow jr, approximately 50 hours of printing and some assembly time later saw Romotow jr completed ready for delivery in just six days. The model came in at 40cm x 15cm x 20cm and around 1.2kgs.

We are pleased to hear the first production run of the T7 Romotow started late June 2014 with 6 units pre-sold prior to production. Excellent work!