CAD software doesn't have to cost thousands

it's also



get creating now

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Below are links to some really cool sites we have either used or still use and of course highly recommend, hone your CAD skills for free.

Sketchup logo

Drawing-based tool ideal for engineers,

architects, designers and builders.

There are loads of  really helpful

tutorials on YouTube.


Tinkercad is an easy-to-use tool

for creating digital designs that are

ready to be 3D Printed.

Users are guided through ‘lessons’

which teach the basics before

moving on to more complex techniques.

Autodesk 123d

Easy-to-use yet powerful

modelling tool with a

library of existing components

for you to use and modify, or

create from scratch.

123d Catch logo

You want to 3D scan something

but don’t want to outlay thousands,

look no further! All you need is an

iPhone/Android or a camera and this

app! Super easy to use and when

the file is ready send it to us

and we’ll print it!

Send .stl file now.