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Q: How much will my 3D print cost?

A: $12 + gst per printing hour.

  • No minimum order
  • No machine start up fee
  • Premium grade thermoplastic included

Q: That sounds good, so, how long will it take to print then?

A: And this is where it gets a little tricky, there are many factors that ultimately affect the cost of your print, the following two points generalize what we look at when quoting your print.

  • Complexity of part. Complex parts that require a lot of support material or a slow print speed for high accuracy will take longer to print.
  • Prototype, end use part or marketing tool? Each of these require different characteristics, the more we know of the use of your part, the more we can tailor it to suit its purpose and of coarse your budget.

Please use the bounding box method described on this page to estimate the cost of your printed part, remember this is general guide that encompasses all scenarios, for an accurate quote please contact us here.

Estimate my 3D print.

Please use this as a rough guide to the cost of 3D printing your object, for a quote please contact us here.

Use the bounding box method to estimate the cost of your object 3D printed at 250 micron layer height.

Multiply the width, length and height or X, Y, Z of your object to find the volume.

X x Y x Z = Volume

We roughly charge 15 cents per cubic centimeter +/- 30% , printed at 250 micron layer height.

Volume multiplied by  15 cents = estimated cost to print your object.