Automatic file repairer.

If you have issues with your file try this automatic file repairer by Microsoft powered by Netfabb, it’s so simple to use and works extremely well


Use this free and easy software to check if your stl file is ready for our 3D printers.


STL View

This software is so simple and to the point, you can view .stl files in 3D, it also highlights errors in tan/gold colour.

The picture on the left shows in blue what is printable and in tan/gold what is not, these problems arise if your model has

  • inverted surfaces, usually due to intersecting solids not correctly booleaned
  • unsolid, your part needs to be solid, air tight

For more tips look here.


A good file looks like this

This image shows what a good file looks like in STL View, all facets of the object should be highlighted blue. This is a fairly good indication that your file is ready to print on our 3D printers however our software may show things STL View does not.

Clone 3D also offers file fixing, so if all else fails contact us.