Buckles for functional testing 13 1200

Ankle band paint primed 3

Pegs 3 1200

Crank 9 1200

Clear resin 1200

White Background 1920


We’re upping our game in 2018 adding what is New Zealands largest commercially available SLA 3D printer, functional assemblies and end use parts have never looked so good or been so tough, this is what you have been waiting for from a 3D printing service in NZ.


We will also be introducing a new material for the MultiJet, ProFlex is a durable Polypropylene like material with pliability suited to living hinges, high impact and extreme flex. Combined with 32 micron accuracy this is a great addition. And as always the FDM printers offer great value using true thermoplastics like ABS, ideal for prototyping and end use parts.


Helpful advise, great results.


Clone 3D


0800 3D PRINT


Multijet (MJP)

absolute accuracy

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

extremely versatile

Just how strong is a 3D Printed part? In this video we endeavour to find out!