Printer Technology



FDM, Fused Deposition Modelling.

This is now by far the most common type of 3D printer in use today, it is a relatively simple idea of extruding molten plastic as outlined in the image below.


Our FDM printers are not toys, they build tough and accurate parts in a choice of several materials with very different properties, we aim to offer unbeatable value and quality, the machines we use make this possible.

FDM Specifications

Build Volume: 250 x 290 x 320mm

Layer thickness: 0.10mm to 0.25mm

X and Y axis accuracy: +/-0.05mm

Minimum wall thickness: 1mm

Support material: Breakaway and soluble

SLS, Selective Laser Sintering

The SLS process works by firing a laser into a bed of nylon powder, sintering the micro beads together to form a shape, it then sweeps another layer of powder over the top and fires the laser again to form the next layer of the part. This process is repeated thousands of times until the build is completed. The bed of powder surrounding the sintered part supports it, this allows for very complex geometry in a single build. Once the build has completed the part is removed from the cake of powder and left to cool then is ready for use.



At Clone 3D we take care in choosing the right materials for creating strong and durable parts that will last, FDM printer technology once again leads the advance, this time in material selection, here are some of the build materials we offer,

  • ABS – Best all round, great for prototypes right through to end-use-parts. Glass transition approximately 105 degC. Many colours to chose from.
  • PLA – Best for sacrificial core molding or lost PLA casting. Turn your 3D printed part into a metal cast. Glass transition 60degC. Many colours to choose from.
  • Conductive ABS – Best for static dissipation, prototype or end-use-parts are strong and durable. Glass transition 105degC. Black.
  • Rubber like – Best for flexible parts and gaskets. Rubber like is a polymer that acts very similar to rubber, high chemical resistance, extremely tough. White, black and clear available.

New materials are being developed and made available quite frequently so if there is something you have heard of that suits your needs that is not listed here please let us know.