Clone can 3D print your brain

While 3D printing a real brain may never eventuate you can now order an exact replica of your own brain made in ABS plastic.Wellington company Brainform uses our FDM 3D printers to create your brain from real MRI scans.

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3D printed brain by Clone3D














As you can imagine reproducing a brain from an MRI scan is pretty difficult, 3D printing makes it possible, but not any printer will do, those desktop printers are fine for trinkets, when it comes to complex objects like this you need a heated build chamber, soluble support material and high resolution. Clone 3D’s FDM printers offer all of these.

The left and right hemispheres fresh from the printer, the left has the build support material still attached, the right has most of its support material removed by hand.

Soluble support


We then dissolve the rest of the support material in an ultrasonic bath filled with an Alkaline solution. The solution dissolves the support while not harming the ABS and the ultrasonic waves speed up the process.



Brainform also wanted shipping direct to the customer worldwide, upon receipt of the stl file we ship within 3-4 days.

Pre-packed brains


One brain bound for the USA.

Packed 3D printed brain


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