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3D Printing with Carbon Fibre.

  Massachusetts-based startup company Impossible Objects received $2.8 million in funding to help realise their vision for a composite based 3D printing technology. Impossible Objects uses a technique that almost resembles a combination of the Selective Deposition Lamination technology of Mcor and inkjet 3D printing, it combines additive and subtractive manufacturing by jetting a binder on to materials […]

Multi material 3D printers!

Multi material 3D printers have been available for a few years now in the Stratasys Eden and Connex range of printers, by mixing base resins within the printer and jetting them onto a build platform in a similar way to an inkjet 2d printer they are able to produce digital materials with varying translucency, rigidity, thermal […]

Classic car parts for cheap!

  Well ok, still not cheap, but 50% less is a good saving. Anyone who has ever tried to restore or maintain a classic car knows its its  not easy or cheap, finding original or 2nd hand parts can be extremely difficult on the more popular models, not to mention pricey, the window winder guide […]

3D printing for the Auckland City Mission

I am so pleased to be writing this, a few months back Clone 3D was approached to 3D scan, model and print 15 model water skis for Auckland Water Ski Clubs (AWSC) 60th anniversary, from here I think this email sums it up nicely, Dear Hayden, On behalf of Auckland Water Ski Club I would like […]

3D Printing for Installation

Jetskifishing.co.nz teams up with Clone to develop a new mounting solution for installing fish finders to jet ski’s.                           We are now producing the 4th generation of these mounts after 2 years in use, the beauty of  additive manufacturing, subtle to major changes can […]

Clone can 3D print your brain

While 3D printing a real brain may never eventuate you can now order an exact replica of your own brain made in ABS plastic.Wellington company Brainform uses our FDM 3D printers to create your brain from real MRI scans. Visit www.brainform.co.nz to order your ultimate geek accessory.                   […]