Classic car parts for cheap!



Well ok, still not cheap, but 50% less is a good saving.

Anyone who has ever tried to restore or maintain a classic car knows its its  not easy or cheap, finding original or 2nd hand parts can be extremely difficult on the more popular models, not to mention pricey, the window winder guide we replicated here would have cost an astounding $450 US, according to our client . We were confident we could design and produce the part for nearly half the price and in steel if required.

Auckland Police Officer Grant Kenny’s 1968 Dodge Charger ‘General Lee’ replica is a real stunner, with 600 + hp she’ll have more than enough power to stick to those speed limits, cheeky reference.

IMG_2531                                       IMG_2528


Problem was sourcing a window winder guide that allowed the pillarless windows to function properly, basically the window didn’t work. Grant contacted Clone, we discussed the part and its application and decided that as the guide had no weight  or force applied to it when installed, we could replace the steel one with plastic. We could also have chosen to use the 3D print in an investment cast and replicate it in steel at little more cost if required.

First, as with any type of 3D printing, we need to create a CAD file, this is a vital part to the quality of the completed part. Here is an image of the part in our design software.

68 Charger window slide9




The printed part sitting in the printer, still with support material and raft attached. We lay the model down to obtain the strongest possible part.



And here the old and new parts side by side, support removed and vapour polished, some will notice the plastic part is thicker, this is intentional to add rigidity and strength, it also looks bigger overall, this is just the camera angle playing tricks.


IMG_2506        IMG_2515

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